5 things a good Business Game should help us do better

Article by Ken Thompson, 06 Apr 2017

I have been studying a fascinating book A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster who is Chief Creative Officer (CCO) with Sony Online Entertainment.

In one of the chapters entitled "What Games Teach Us" Raph suggests that there are really only 5 things games teach us - Aiming,  Timing, Hunting, Territory and Projecting Power


This got me thinking what are the essential things a good business war game should teach us?

Here are my 5 essentials:
  1. STRATEGY AND COMPETITIVE POSITIONING How to devise a winning strategic game plan and attractive competitive position in terms of products and prices?
  2. RESOURCE ALLOCATION AND OPTIMIZATION How best to allocate resources across and within direct customer activities (Value Chain) versus indirect activities such as Business Health and Risk Management?
  3. TACTICS AND EXECUTION The best way to implement your resource allocation decision? This is the "how" decision.
  4. AGILITY: THE ABILITY TO HANDLE THE UNEXPECTED WELL How to handle the different types of change, warnings and shocks including external change, market change, competitor-led change and change to address self-inflicted pain?
  5. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE How to hit the financial performance targets required to succeed in the game?

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