Dashboard Simulations launches Educational Business Sim Bundle – up to 80% discounts for Universities and Colleges!

Article by Ken Thompson, 20 Aug 2017


In addition to our comprehensive range of web-based business simulation games for teams Dashboard Simulations also offers a powerful collection of 5 DESKTOP SIMULATIONS which run on Windows computers and are a practical solution to team-based experiential learning in environments where internet access is not practical or reliable. 

These simulations have been developed in partnership with industry subject matter experts and leading practitioners and have been tried and tested in large commercial organizations. They have also won awards from major bodies such as the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD). 

DESKTOP SIMULATIONS can also easily be distributed with the right to make unlimited copies within the same organization. Each Simulation comes with a comprehensive facilitator's manual and runs in Excel (enhanced with VBA macros) thus requiring no specialized software to be installed on the computer and so easy to install (not requiring admin rights).

These simulations can be fully played over a full day or played one round at a time. With introduction, theory sessions and review sessions the simulations can provide the backbone to a full semester’s course on key business management topics such as Team Leadership, Collaboration Skills, Project Management, Business Acumen, Crisis Management, Customer Service, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Lean Manufacturing

DESKTOP SIMULATIONS are provided with full source code which means they can also be modified or enhanced by the organization. Enhancing these simulations can also provide very practical, engaging and satisfying student group projects during the term.


Change Management Simulation (COHORT)


Fashion Industry Simulation (CATWALK)




Dashboard have 5 Desktop Simulations which are normally played in teams over a number of rounds:

CREW: A Team Management and Project Scheduling Simulation

Factsheet: http://dashboardsimulations.com/business-games/crew-team-leadership/

CATWALK: A Retail Fashion/Supplier Management Simulation

Factsheet: http://dashboardsimulations.com/business-games/catwalk-retail-fashion/

MANAGE: A Retail Convenience Store Simulation

Factsheet: http://dashboardsimulations.com/business-games/manage-unit-management/

GUESTS: A Hospitality/Hotel Industry Simulation

Factsheet: http://dashboardsimulations.com/business-games/guests-hospitality-industry/

LEAN: A Lean Manufacturing Simulation

Factsheet: http://dashboardsimulations.com/business-games/lean-manufacturing/


For commercial organizations, each simulation can be purchased outright, with full access to source code, for a one-off payment of £15,000 which includes full facilitator manual, facilitator training and 12 months telephone support.

For universities and colleges and other educational establishments each simulation can be purchased outright for a one-off payment of £5,000 (67% discount) which includes a full facilitator manual but excludes facilitator training and telephone support (which can be separately purchased if required). Even deeper discounts are available for the purchase of more than one Desktop Simulation, at the same time, rising up to an incredible 80% discount for the purchase of 4 or more simulations.


If you would like to find our more about our DESKTOP SIMULATIONS please submit an enquiry by completing the Contact Us form.

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