Embed a Chatbot Learning Scene in your Application

Article by Scott Thompson, 23 Jun 2017

Introducing our latest SCENES feature: Embed in App.

All you have to do to create an embedded and responsive Scenes Chatbot in your own application is to include a few simple lines of javascript. The simple example conversation below allows you to ask questions about Scenes from Sally (the chatbot) and has text to speech enabled which means the chatbot both writes and speaks its replies. This simple example scene does NOT use the powerful Scenes free text and voice recognition options which can make a scene exceptionally natural. When you have completed this scene you can visit your dashboard and also review the whole conversation by clicking on each move. You can also toggle this Scene to full screen if you wish to by clicking on the control inside the scene window.

Click below to enage with a simple Scene embedded within this web page.

To discuss how you can embed Scenes Chatbots in your own applications please get in touch

Launch 'FAQ Demo'

Demo FAQ scene for demoing Scenes and answering any FAQs

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