Insights, Real-time Leaderboard and Team Reports launched for MasterClass Business Simulations

Article by Ken Thompson, 07 Jul 2017


Stop Press March 2018:

These features have now been enhanced to allow any team's decisions to be Action Replayed during or after a simulation session to provide post-simulation analysis and learning.


We are delighted to launch 3 stunning new features for our Masterclass Sims (see links at bottom of the article).

INSIGHTS provide real-time advice during a sim

Insights provide real-time, in-simulation analysis of each team’s decisions round by round while they are running the simulation. Insights can be used in two different ways – made available to the sim participants on their screen OR just available to the lead facilitator of all the sim teams on their master screen only. It is a learning design decision which Insight option to use for a particular sim session. 

For example, making insights available to the participants may be ideal for a less experienced group of sim players or where there are many sims teams and the facilitators need some extra e-help!

REAL-TIME LEADERBOARDS gives the facilitator total team visibility throughout the session

The real-time leaderboard is available on the lead facilitators screen and provides an up-to-date position (and full history) for each team currently playing the sim in terms of their key result indicators each round. The real-time leaderboard can be projected on a large screen as an alternative to the old-fashioned manual flipchart leaderboard. The leaderboard can also be filtered and sorted to provide different comparisons between teams and Team names can be entered for each sim team. 

As well as using it as a leaderboard during a sim it can also be used as a “Hall of Fame” style leaderboard showing the scores of every team who has ever played that sim so that teams can target the previous best performances of their colleagues as they try and move above them.

TEAM REPORTS give each team a permanent record of how they did.

When each sim completes a permanent record is made of each team’s performance and a full summary report can be emailed to each team showing on a single page exactly how they did over each round of the sim.

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