New Mobile App for Business Simulation Facilitators

Article by Ken Thompson, 30 Aug 2018

It’s the classic chicken and egg question – who is the most important – your customers or your staff?

And in simulations that translates to learners versus facilitators – just who are the most important? 

We believe they are both equally important - without the learners you don’t have a viable business and without great facilitators you wont satisfy and keep your learners.

However often, in the world of simulation, the facilitators draw the short straw in terms of support and tools!

This is why, at, we also focus on information and tools for facilitators – for example -  our insights, leaderboards, team reports and action replay facilities described previously here.

This is also why we are delighted to announce a new mobile app for Lead Facilitators of our team-based simulations.

The app complements the lead facilitators computer admin account in two very important ways:

A Private Leaderboard on a Facilitator's Mobile Phone 

A mini leaderboard to allow the facilitator to privately check the progress of each team on their mobile phone. This allows the facilitator to see how the teams are managing their time and how their performance is stacking up. This is also useful when the facilitator’s own computer is being projected to the whole group and they don’t want to reveal the scores just yet!

Mobile Phone Electronic Document Management

Facilities to view and manage the staged release of briefing and news documents to teams using the e-documents system. This allows the facilitator to view and release a document to the whole group without having to go back to their computer screen at the front of the room.

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