High Performing Teams Simulation


A High Performing Teams Business Game which develops change management and team process improvement skills as you try to win the confidence of your new team members and help them operate as a high performing team.


Key Functionality
  • Conduct a health-check on your new team
  • Create a Plan for improving their performance as team
  • Run your team for 9 weeks over 3 rounds
  • Select and make individual and process interventions
  • Track your results each week on a visual dashboard
  • Review learning at end of each round
  • Collaborate and compete with your colleagues

Special Features

Integrated High Performing Teams Model.

Off-Sim Role Plays.

Supporting forms and Team Assessment Tools.

Part of the MASTERCLASS COLLECTION of deep-dive total immersion Business Simulation Games.

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Is creating a high performing team a change project OR a process project? YES & YES! You must work on change with your team members at the same time as you build new team processes and practices to support them.

Ken Thompson

Book Author and Simulation Designer

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