Introducing our new Collaborative Business Simulation Platform

Article by Scott Thompson, last updated March 2024

We have been developing Business Simulation Games for over two decades (2024 marks our 20th year in this space).

Our journey started with Excel-based Simulations, moving to standalone Simulation applications, and then to the web-based Sims we offer today. We have always embraced the latest technology while staying true to our core approach of experiential learning.

This year has been no exception, with our biggest technological innovation in our 20-year adventure being the introduction of our new collaborative Business Simulation platform, Symphony.

After two years of development, Symphony represents our further investment in the medium of Business Simulation as a unique learning tool that we will continue to champion as we enter the next chapter of our journey.

Developed to be played on any modern device (from phone to big screen), Symphony is a multiplayer, technology-agnostic, collaborative platform that focuses on participant engagement and facilitator-led analysis. 

The new platform encourages and promotes inter-team (communication, delegation, and decision-making) and cross-team (competition and collaboration) team dynamics. 

We have also taken this opportunity to enhance our most popular “People”, “Acumen”, and “Leadership” Simulations by providing more captivating accompanying documentation, better supporting tools, and new, contemporary user interfaces.

By moving from a single-screen playing mode to an innovative multiplayer experience, our early adopters have witnessed session engagement increase exponentially, reducing the chances of 'screen hogs', or team members 'sitting on the sidelines'.

Powered by the latest web socket technology, the Symphony platform is about as real-time as you can get, with team members collaborating and seeing each other's decisions instantly.

In addition to maintaining parity with our ‘Classic’ platform, we have introduced a host of new features designed to enhance the immersive experience for participants, while ensuring simplicity in delivery for facilitators.

We firmly believe our platform is unparalleled in the Business Simulation market.

Committed to our ethos of “learn by doing,” we are convinced that the most effective way to showcase Symphony is through firsthand experience. If you’d like to see why we are so excited, please connect below, and we will organise a taster.

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