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Transforming Leadership Development through Business Simulations

What do we do?

We provide Business Simulations which are used by teams to learn about key management and leadership topics.

Our Business Simulations are used with a proven structured learning process which is based on best practices in experiential learning, social learning and game based learning – this ensures participants learn what they need to learn as well as having fun!

Because the Business Simulation Games are played in teams, participants do not only learn about the simulation topic but also about what it means to create and be part of an effective team and also insight into having effective interpersonal styles.

Each Simulation is based on rules and scenarios which were developed with, and tested by, Subject Matter Experts in the relevant area and is also supported by a comprehensive theory book which also serves as the delegate handout and can be purchased on Amazon.

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We transform Leadership Development using Business Simulations, guided by three principles:

Our Team
Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson

Managing Director

Ken is an expert practitioner, author and speaker on collaboration, high performing teams and Game Based Learning.

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Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

Technology Director

Scott is responsible for overseeing the archiecture, design and development of all our platforms.

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Paul Hookham

Paul Hookham

Senior Associate

Paul is an expert on Project Management, Change Management and Team Leadership and facilitates our simulations in these areas.

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