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Article by Tom Parsons, last updated April 2024

The sobering reality of ineffective leadership, as highlighted in a report by the Chartered Management Institute in partnership with YouGov based on their study in 2023, underscores the critical importance of innovative, effective, and experiential leadership training. An alarming 50% of workers are contemplating leaving their organisations within a year due to the impact of ineffective management. Similarly, 31% of managers and 28% of workers have cited negative relationships with their managers as reasons for leaving their jobs.

However, the implications of ineffective leadership extend far beyond individual job dissatisfaction. Employees under the guidance of untrained managers often experience feelings of unmeaningful work, (47% vs 74% of an effective manager) leading to diminished business success. This is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed by organisations who are thrusting individuals into management positions, immediately struggling with navigating interpersonal dynamics, implementing effective strategies, and navigating a conductive work environment. This not only impedes their own career growth, but it hampers the potential of their team and organisation as a whole.

Yet all is not lost, the critical gap in management training requires innovative approaches that go beyond traditional classroom-based learning. This is where business simulations emerge as a potent tool for leadership development. Business simulations represent ‘serious gaming’ which accelerates leadership development by immersing participants in realistic and dynamic business scenarios. By leveraging the principles of experiential and social learning, these simulations provide a safe environment for managers to practise decision-making and hone their leadership, business acumen, and change management skills.

These simulations can be tailored to suit all organisational levels, solving both the issue of the 82% of management that requires training, and also the 26% of senior managers and leaders who have never received any formal management and leadership training. According to the CMI ‘those with formal management training are significantly more likely to trust their team, feel comfortable in leading change initiatives and to feel comfortable calling out bad behaviour compared to those who don’t’.

By carefully selecting the right simulation for your company, by measuring factors such as the optimal difficulty level, incorporating relevant off-sim exercises, and applying the skills that have stuck to the participants during this training, organisations can empower their managers with the necessary skills to navigate complex leadership challenges. An innovative business simulation will bridge the gap in management training and empower “accidental managers” to become effective leaders in high-performing teams.

To read more about high-performing teams, check out this white-paper: Create a High Performing Team in a Hurry

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