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Transforming Leadership Development through Business Simulations

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We champion Business Simulations as an effective and engaging form of Leadership Development. 'Learn by doing' hones skills in a safe and controlled environment.

"Let's take flight simulation as an example. If you're trying to train a pilot, you can simulate almost the whole course. You don't have to get in an airplane until late in the process." - Roy Romer

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As well reducing Business risk, our AWARD WINNING Simulations also offer an experiential and social environment, sharing the experience with other participants. All our Simulations can be facilitated in a Virtual or Residential environment.

Jay Cross in his excellent book, “Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance”, establishes that up to 90% of the information and skills we need to do our jobs is learned this way rather than formally, using what he refers to as Informal or Social Learning.

Our Simulations have been designed by Subject-Matter Experts and are 'OFF-THE-SHELF' and ready to run but can be considerably customised to meet specific requirements. We also support multiple delivery models including facilitated and self-directed (SOLO).

We have found that the addition of gaming elements to Business Simulation Games (such as leader boards, penalties, rewards and the unexpected), can significantly enhance engagement and team cohesion through competition with other teams.

Additionally each of our Simulations are supported by a comprehensive theory book and supplemented by a collection of custom Learning Apps to supercharge, personalise and deepen the total learning experience and business value gained from each Simulation.

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We transform Leadership Development using Business Simulations, guided by three principles:

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