Business Acumen & Strategy Simulation (B2C)


A business strategy game that helps you develop team business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global entertainment business. There are 10 recurrent dilemmas in leading any business. In this simulation, you get to meet them all!


Core Simulation Skillsets

Business Acumen

  • Understanding a P&L Account
  • Pricing, Demand and Customer Loyalty
  • Reading and reacting to market changes
  • Managing the Customer Value Chain
  • Managing Organizational Health
  • Managing using Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Resolving Dilemmas and Making Trade-offs
  • Managing Unexpected Challenges/Opportunities

Team Operations

  • Operating an effective Team
  • Organising a Team for success
  • Resolve conflict
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Time management
  • Managing change with agility
  • Maximising contribution of the whole Team
  • Managing new information effectively
  • Continuous performance improvement

Key Functionality
  • Read the markets and manage crises each quarter
  • Make operational decisions on price and product mix
  • Make organizational health investments
  • Run the enterprise for 1 year over 4 quarters
  • Track your results on a P&L and KPI dashboard
  • Review learning at end of each round
  • Collaborate and compete with your colleagues

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Special Features

100 pages of off-sim start of round updates and realistic briefing documents for participants.

200-page supporting book on Business Acumen Best Practice

Shorter, simpler 'express' version, ideal for conferences and team building events!

Part of the masterclass collection of deep-dive total immersion business simulations.

Acumen can also operate as a crisis management simulation game.

We facilitated the acumen simulation with over 4000 leaders and managers playing in teams. They were challenged, they gained important insights about business acumen, teamwork and collaboration, and they enjoyed the experience!

Heather B

Leadership Development, Global Aerospace Company

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