A Systematic Guide to Business Acumen and Leadership Using Dilemmas

This guide offers a unique and concise review of ten very common types of business and leadership dilemma which leaders and managers face in major organizations. It is based on ten years’ worth of interviewing, testing, and running simulation games with hundreds of subject matter experts, top performers, leaders, and managers across many different industries.... [read more]

TAGGED: Business Acumen

A Systematic Guide to Change Management

This guide provides a pragmatic framework for the interventions needed to successfully identify and intervene with key stakeholders in a Change Management project with the objective of winning their support and commitment.... [read more]

A Systematic Guide to Game Based Learning in Organizations

This guide offers a comprehensive and pragmatic framework for achieving transformational learning and behaviour change in groups of leaders/managers using Game-Based Learning (GBL) in organizations of all shapes and sizes.... [read more]

A Systematic Guide to High Performing Teams (HPTs)

This guide provides a pragmatic framework for the interventions needed to successfully create and sustain High Performing Teams (HPTs) in organizations of all shapes and sizes.... [read more]

A Systematic Guide to Project Management

In this volume, Ken Thompson and Paul Hookham, both experienced project managers, suggest an important new perspective on the topic of Project Management. They suggest that instead of fixating on the tasks and outputs of projects, as we have done historically, the focus should be on the three communities which the projects were conceived to transform. The authors argue that this new community-centric and multi-disciplinary perspective can address many of the high-profile failures of project management we experience and read about today.... [read more]

Great in a Crisis

This 50-page mini book identifies and describes 3 key perspectives, 7 foundational principles, 7 essential skills and 14 useful tools which can help you be a leader who is known for performing well under pressure and being “Great in a Crisis”.  The complete model is summarized visually on a powerful 1-page Infographic. ... [read more]

Leading Adoption in the Digital Era

“Adoption” is at the core of a multitude of key business endeavours. The list includes new market entry, product launch, start-up ventures, business strategy execution, customer service programmes, internal change programmes, culture change, marketing programmes, process improvement programmes and public health campaigns!... [read more]

Strategic Thinking for Planning and Execution

"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for hallucination."  Mark V. Hurd, CEO, Oracle Corporation... [read more]

Systematic Guide to Collaboration and Competition within Organizations

The central argument of this guide is that the current unspoken assumption in organizational leadership and change management, that projects are either collaborative or competitive but never both, is fatally flawed and produces, at best, sub-optimal results and at worst total failures.... [read more]

Twelve Essential Leadership Skills

This collection of Twelve Essential Leadership Skills describes a set of skills which, in the authors view, are each essential competencies for a proficient manager. Each Leadership Skill is self-contained, summarised in a couple of pages and can be used in a standalone way without reference to the other skills. The skills are quickly and easily digestible and instantly accessible for use, as required, for example, during group learning activities such as business simulations or problem-solving scenarios, to enhance the opportunities for practice and experiential learning.... [read more]

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