Leading Adoption in the Digital Era

A practical booklet for managers

“Adoption” is at the core of a multitude of key business endeavours. The list includes new market entry, product launch, start-up ventures, business strategy execution, customer service programmes, internal change programmes, culture change, marketing programmes, process improvement programmes and public health campaigns!

We start the book by defining what we actually mean by “adoption” and introduce the concept of an “adoption model” which is an essential tool for planning and measuring the success of any adoption programme.

Next we examine a number of important leadership skills and management techniques necessary to be successful in encouraging any internal or external community to adopt a new product, practice or process.

We then look at 3 ley adoption measures which can serve as early warnings and leading indicators of the likely outcomes of an adoption programme.

Finally we consider the benefits of being able to simulate or dry run a planned adoption programme in a safe setting before actually running it for real. We illustrate this using SPREAD, a unique business Simulation tool, which can be quickly configured to model and simulate the outcomes of any major adoption programme in advance of running it.

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'Leading Adoption in the Digital Era'


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