White Papers

7 Golden Rules for virtual and online community building

This short paper discusses the challenges in establishing a successful and thriving online or virtual community and suggests seven rules to help you avoid just creating yet another online ghost town!... [read more]

A Cognitive Framework for Game Based Learning

There are two disciplines which underpin all learning – neuroscience and psychology. ... [read more]

Best Practice in Facilitating Team-based Business Simulations

This concise guide provides a practical approach, containing detailed models and checklists, for facilitators of team-based simulations for management and leadership development.... [read more]

Beyond eLearning: The huge potential of chatbot conversational learning games

This short paper discusses the strengths and weakness of eLearning technology and considers the emergence of conversational “chatbots”, which allow computers to conduct meaningful and credible dialogues with individuals, as a potentially much more effective and engaging technology for many aspects of skills development.  ... [read more]

Essential Leadership Skill Factsheets

This collection of Essential Leadership Skill Factsheets summarises 12 key leadership / management skills – each on a single page. Each factsheet is self-contained and can be used immediately in a standalone way without reference to the other factsheets. Factsheets are quickly and easily digestible and instantly accessible for use, as required, during team business simulations to enhance the opportunities for practice and experiential learning.... [read more]

Influencing Communities: Leading Large-Scale Change in the Digital Era

For change to make a real impact it must go beyond small groups of leaders and extend into the bigger front-line communities who these leaders are responsible for or whom they serve as suppliers and business partners. ... [read more]

Instant Team: How to create a High Performing Team in a hurry

Fast Track your team to minimum performance levels.... [read more]

Review of popular Gamification Techniques

Gamification, the use of game play mechanics for non-game applications, is a very topical area with many enterprises exploring how they might use it to generate new levels of engagement with their staff or customers (current and prospective).... [read more]

The learning versus skills dilemma: Skills development tools for learner communities

This short paper defines and discusses a major problem in organizational learning today and suggests several practical tools and techniques which could help address it such as:... [read more]

What Business Simulation designers can learn from Aviation Flight Simulation

In this short paper, we look at the history of simulation in aviation to see if there are any lessons we might draw about the use of simulation in business and learning.... [read more]

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