Influencing Communities: Leading Large-Scale Change in the Digital Era

For change to make a real impact it must go beyond small groups of leaders and extend into the bigger front-line communities who these leaders are responsible for or whom they serve as suppliers and business partners. 

This requires change managers and change leaders to be adept at change management via Influencing Communities (and Crowds) both internal and external.

The white paper highlights the key challenges in influencing communities in our always-on, electronically-mediated and hyper-connected world.

It then proposes a set of practical insights and techniques for succeeding in this challenging area:

  • Understanding the difference between a community and a crowd - and why it matters
  • The critical role of super-connectors in mass change 
  • The 4 main types of activity you will need in your community change campaign
  • The risks of email and social media in mass change and how to mitigate them
  • Emerging best practices in individual and mass persuasion
  • Tips for successfully managing a large-scale community change programme

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'Influencing Communities: Leading Large-Scale Change in the Digital Era'


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