Essential Strategic Thinking Models: A Leadership Playbook

There can be quite a bit of confusion and ambiguity about what people actually mean when they use terms like “Strategy” or “Business Strategy” or “Strategic Planning”. 

In our experience and research there are 6 main types of Strategic Thinking you will need to be proficient in as a leader:

  1. General Strategy 
  2. Business Strategy Formulation 
  3. Strategic Execution (“The Execution Problem”). 
  4. Strategic Choices 
  5. Competitive Strategy
  6. Scenario Planning 

This document curates 10 best-practice strategy tools which can be helpful in each of these situations: Quick Start Strategy, The Value Disciplines, The House of Strategy, 5 Choices Framework, Strategic Execution Checklist, Risk-Reward-Cost Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Porters 5 Forces and PESTEL Analysis

For corporate users, there are also 2 comprehensive virtual Business Simulations, XSIM and YSIM, which allow teams of current (and prospective) leaders to face the challenges of strategic thinking using these models as they run major global B2C and B2B enterprises. 


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'Essential Strategic Thinking Models: A Leadership Playbook'


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