The Master Collaboration Toolkit

Ten Essential Collaborative Leadership Tools

The Master Collaboration Toolkit, a product of 20 years practical experience exploring what it takes for leaders to collaborate effectively in organizations, provides ten key tools to help you master the critical leadership skill of effective organizational collaboration.

There is also a short video introduction to the toolkit.


  • Tool 1:The Collaboration Roadmap
  • Tool 2: The SAFE Model of Collaborative Viability
  • Tool 3: The Ladder of Collaboration
  • Tool 4: The Circle of Collaboration
  • Tool 5: Collaboration Ground Rules
  • Tool 6: Principled Negotiating
  • Tool 7: A Collaborative Skills Diagnostic for Leaders
  • Tool 8: Collaboration Competition Interplay Models
  • Tool 9: The Prisoners Dilemma
  • Tool 10: Tit for Tat (TfT)

The most effective way to practice and master these ten tools is experientially in teams in a safe facilitated environment using a Business Simulation such as CONSORTIUM which has been designed specifically to comprehensively explore the critical topic of effective collaboration in line with the principles and tools in this document.


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'The Master Collaboration Toolkit'


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