Ten Practical Leadership Models for High Performing Teams: A Leadership Playbook

The Ten models address the key management topic of creating and operating High Performing Teams and include:

  1. Seven Habits of Highly Successful Team Leaders
  2. Racetrack Integrated Model of High Performing Teams
  3. Seven Common Mistakes Teams make under pressure
  4. Rapport Model of Project Team Set-up
  5. Spinning Top Model - 4 Dysfunctional Team Stereotypes
  6. Martini Model of Effective Virtual Teams
  7. Seven Team Decision-Making Methods
  8. Four Types of Team Meeting and Five Key Meeting Roles
  9. Four Modes of Teamwork top performing teams exploit
  10. Bioteams model: Twelve High Performance Rules of Nature’s top Teams

Each model is ready-for-use with a high resolution diagram, when to use the model, the essentials summarized, plus references for additional reading. 

For corporate users, there are also 2 comprehensive virtual business simulations, CHAPTER and CREW, which align with the models and allow teams of current (and prospective) team leaders to face the challenges of creating effective teams in a safe, engaging and effective learning environment.


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'Ten Practical Leadership Models for High Performing Teams: A Leadership Playbook'


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