Change Leadership and Stakeholder Management: A Leadership Playbook

The Playbook features 10 great tools which address the key management topics of Change Leadership and Stakeholder Management

  1. Twelve Key Change Principles
  2. Change Narrative Checklist
  3. Stakeholder Mapping plus App
  4. Change Engagement Model
  5. H4 Model of Change
  6. Ten Change Leadership Skills plus Assessment App
  7. The DICE Change Management Risk Assessment plus App
  8. The Customer-Performer Loop
  9. The Racetrack Model for Team Change
  10. A Change Management Plan Checklist

Each tool is ready-for-use with a high-resolution diagram, when to use the tool, the essentials summarized, plus references for additional reading. 

Three of the tools also include their own free online apps.

For corporate users, there are also 2 comprehensive virtual business simulations, COHORT and CHAPTER  which align with the tools and allow current (and prospective) change leaders to face the challenges of change in a safe, engaging and effective learning environment.


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'Change Leadership and Stakeholder Management: A Leadership Playbook'


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