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These days senior leaders are asking some pretty challenging questions about Leadership Development:

  • What do we mean by “Leadership Development” (and maybe even what do we mean by “Leadership”)?
  • What is the rationale, value and payback for Leadership Development in our Organisation and how would we measure it?
  • Is the term “Digital Leader” a useful term or not and how might it change what we should offer in terms of Leadership Development?
  • In our post-pandemic era how can we best use (and blend) virtual and face-to-face engagement?
  • What is best learned together and what is best learned individually and how do we connect the two?
  • How do we keep learning alive on the job and outside the (virtual) classroom?
  • What is the role and value of technologies such as Business Simulations and other digital learning tools?

This page curates a number of key Leadership Development Resources to help you as you think through these big questions.

An example of a Virtual Leadership Development Program

Through our own faculty, partnerships with international business schools and leading development consultancies we can offer a “1-stop-shop” support for Leadership Development programs covering:

  • Working with your in-house team to design the Program
  • Developing and sourcing all the supporting content and exercises (including our ten published books and numerous White Papers)
  • Selecting and configuring 1 or more Business Simulation to be integrated into the program (including Facilitation and/or 'Train-the-Trainer' for your own L&D staff)
  • Supporting the program through Individual Coaching and Mentoring
  • Operating Peer Review Groups supported by SENSEI our unique personal learning management App
  • Offering Assessment Services for individuals and teams

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