Instant Team: How to create a High Performing Team in a hurry

Fast Track your team to minimum performance levels.

Sadly, you cannot create a High-Performing Team in a day or afternoon or even over lunch.

However, if you are put in the position where you, as a leader, simply must get the very best out of a group of your colleagues in very short timescales you can fast track them towards more effective team-working using 3 simple change management ingredients:

  1. Mechanisms such as competitive business simulation games or other short team challenges.
  2. Briefing for the teams on these challenges with specific deadlines and goals but without any instruction about how they are to behave other than that “they are a team”.
  3. Facilitated team self-analysis sessions at the end of each round or chunk of work in the challenges to let teams review what kind of collaboration they are employing and how they might improve it.

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'Instant Team: How to create a High Performing Team in a hurry'


We transform Leadership Development using Business Simulations, guided by three principles:

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