Strategic Thinking for Planning and Execution

A practical booklet for managers

"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for hallucination."  Mark V. Hurd, CEO, Oracle Corporation

Many, if not most, planning errors in projects and ventures of all types and sizes are not usually problems of misinterpretation or misunderstanding of complexity but rather simple errors of omission, unchecked assumptions and careless research due to adopting an unsystematic or ad hoc approach to this important task.

A second equally large problem is the difficulty planners seem to encounter in successfully integrating existing and new strategy into their planning thinking. This often results in plans which are disconnected from the directions, priorities and values of the host enterprise.

This booklet attempts to addresses both problems by providing a systematic approach (based on 30 questions) to defining strategy for immediate use within the planning process.

The booklet provides a nine-step express process (with templates) with each step defined in detail and highlighted using a worked example from personal life which any reader can relate to.

Strategic Thinking for Planning and Execution is available to purhase on Amazon (Buy now).


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'Strategic Thinking for Planning and Execution'


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