Business Acumen Simulation


A Business Acumen Simulation which helps you develop team business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global Real-Time Entertainment business - NetBox. There are 10 recurrent dilemmas in leading any business. In this simulation you get to meet them all!

The XSIM Simulation was a key aspect of a major programme which won a prestigious Brandon Hall Group Gold Award in 2017 for Excellence in Talent Management in the category of Best Advance in High Potential Development.


Core Simulation Skillsets

Business Acumen

  • Understanding a P&L Account
  • Pricing, Demand and Customer Loyalty
  • Reading and reacting to market changes
  • Managing the Customer Value Chain
  • Managing Organizational Health
  • Managing using Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Resolving Dilemmas and Making Trade-offs
  • Managing Unexpected Challenges/Opportunities

Team Operations

  • Operating an effective team
  • Organising a team for success
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • Time Management
  • Managing change with agility
  • Maximising contribution of the whole team
  • Managing new information effectively
  • Continuous performance improvement

Key Functionality
  • Read the markets and manage crises each quarter
  • Make operational decisions on price and product mix
  • Make organizational health investments
  • Run the enterprise for 1 year over 4 quarters
  • Track your results on a P&L and KPI dashboard
  • Review learning at end of each round
  • Collaborate and compete with your colleagues

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Special Features

100 pages of off-sim start of round updates and realistic briefing documents for participants.

200-page supporting book on Business Acumen Best Practice

Ideal for team building events!

Part of the MASTERCLASS COLLECTION of deep-dive total immersion Business Simulations.

Xsim can also operate as a Crisis Management Simulation Game.

We have facilitated the XSIM Team Commercial Acumen simulation with 1000+ leaders and managers - they were challenged, they gained important insights about business acumen and collaboration, and they enjoyed the experience!

Heather B

Leadership Development, Global Aerospace Company

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