Training for a Cyber Attack Through Simulation


This Event was held on Thursday, 19 May 2022 - 15:00 (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London)


A complex cyber fire drill, where participants will go through the motions of handling a fictitious cyber incident

In this edition of our Workshop Series, we will present a fully interactive and live Cyber Security virtual session led by our Subject Matter Expert Tony Campbell.

As a 30-year cybersecurity industry veteran, Tony Campbell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on how we tackle cyberattacks and manage complex incidents where the risks are existential to our future.

Tony has worked in national security, defence, and private industry as a consultant and now lives in Perth, Western Australia, where he runs a security awareness and consulting business.

This session will give you the opportunity to see in action a complex cyber fire drill, as a participant you will go through the motions of handling a fictitious cyber incident to understand its impact on your business. You will see how each decision, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can have far-reaching and even unforeseen consequences.

Tony will also be available for any questions you may have at the end of the session.


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We recorded the Event and you can access the video at:

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