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Article by Scott Thompson, 27 Feb 2018

Coffee Shop Compete is a sophisticated web-based business simulation which allows teams to develop key management skills in Business Acumen, Strategy, Communications and Teamwork.

Business Simulations are delighted to make Coffee Shop Compete freely available to voluntary sector organisations for staff development and team-building purposes.

Coffee Shop Compete is a specific instance of the COMPETE simulation which supports up to 6 teams and can be configured to represent any type of business and set of decisions for the players to make each round. 

Coffee Shop Compete accommodates 2-4 teams each of 5-10 players with each team representing a coffee stall in an artisan food market competing over 4 trading days played over a single 2-hour period (or multiple shorter sessions).

  1. Pricing
  2. Strategy
  3. Management Priorities
  4. Collaboration Investment

Each teams’ decisions are entered into the simulation which instantly calculates customer market share, revenue and profits for each round. The teams are in direct competition so if one team gains market share it must be at the expense of the other teams.

Coffee Shop Compete can be fully played and debriefed in just 2 hours and requires just a single computer connected to the internet which is normally projected on a large screen. There are o software downloads and no other equipment required.

If your Organization is a registered voluntary enterprise or charity and you would like to run Compete please contact us - you will receive the following by email:

  • A unique login and password
  • A short briefing presentation to explain the simulation to participants
  • A short video demo of how to run the simulation as a facilitator

If you would like to use the Compete Business Simulation in a commercial capacity please contact us and we can provide information on our pricing options.


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