Innovation Management Simulation


The INNOVATE Business Simulation, built with our powerful DECIDE Situational Judgement Engine, gives participants the opportunity to experience each of the key stages of an Innovation project based on a real-world Company/Product scenario.

INNOVATE presents the participants with the opportunity to become the Senior Team of a food technology Company who have a successful but ageing food processor whose sales are flatlining. Over 4 rounds the team must select and successfully implement their chosen innovation strategy to kick start the revenue growth.

Each Team’s success will be measured by 6 KPIs which include User Value, Unit Cost, Risk and New Product Revenue Share.


Core Simulation Skillsets

Innovation Management

  • Understanding the different types of Innovation
  • Appreciating Popular Innovation Models and Approaches
  • Different methods for developing an Innovation Strategy
  • Aligning Innovation Strategy with Company Position
  • Aligning Innovation Strategy with Competitive Landscape
  • Successfully Executing your Innovation Strategy
  • Measuring and Tracking Innovation Results through KPIs
  • How different Innovation Strategies produce different Results

Team Operations

  • Operating an effective Team
  • Organising a Team for success
  • Resolve conflict
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Time management
  • Managing change with agility
  • Maximising contribution of the whole Team
  • Managing new information effectively
  • Continuous performance improvement

Key Functionality
  • Presents Teams (or Individuals) with briefings on Situational Judgment challenges plus any number of regular news updates
  • All briefing papers distributed to Teams via an online simulated email inbox
  • Each round Teams must answer a set of multiple-choice questions
  • Each Team’s results are shown instantly on their custom dashboard which also shows the full history and trends of results round by round

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Special Features

Facilitator can display a leaderboard to the whole group summarizing how each team has is performing

Facilitator can share an analytics screen which charts graphically the choices selected for each question

During the Simulation the Teams are introduced to a number of best practice Innovation Models which they can use to assist their decision making

The Teams can also face specific challenges in rounds such as dealing with Change and Collaborating with each other

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