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A Major Sales Business Simulation Game which develops relationship management and influencing skills as you try to win the support of 10 key decision-makers in a global company where you have made the final shortlist of two for a major contract.

As you engage with each of the prospect's decision-makers to try and gain their support they may also reveal their thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses in your proposal which you will also have to address to win the contract.

Finally, the simulation climaxes in each team pitching their final bids, with all the insights and improvements they have incorporated, for final scoring.

EDGE is played in teams competitively and develops skills in Sales Influencing, Bid Management, Objection Handling, Selling Benefits and Operating Effective Sales Teams. It can be delivered on-site or virtually and typically runs for 3-6 hours with groups of 20-30 participants. 

EDGE can also be configured for your organization's own sales methodology, solutions and markets. 


Key Functionality
  • Develop your plan for winning the key decision-makers
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis on your bid versus the competition
  • Meet with and influence the decision-makers in 1:1 meetings in the Simulation
  • Gather feedback on your outline bid and improve it
  • Prepare for and deliver your final sales pitch
  • Handle unexpected set-backs and objections

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Special Features

Track your progress weekly on your visual team dashboard.

See how the other teams are doing on the real-time leaderboard.

Conduct role plays with key decision-makers.

In-Simulation Decision-maker Mapping App.

150-page supporting book on Best Practice in Influencing.

The EDGE Simulation very effectively addresses the 4 ‘P’s of successful sales – Preparation, Persuasion, Proposals and Presentations!

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