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We provide industrial-strength Business Simulators which can be used 'off-the-shelf' or tailored for your organization, supporting Leadership Development across all key management skills areas.

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The Theory

What is a Business Simulation?

Business Simulations (also known as Business Simulators) are a form of 'serious gaming' that can accelerate Leadership Development by presenting participants with realistic and dynamic business scenarios to enable them to practice their Decision-making in a safe environment using the concepts of 'learning by doing' (Experiential Learning) and learning by discussion (Social Learning).

Simulations can be played individually or in teams, remotely or on-site, on paper or using technology, all with the aim of creating an immersive learning experience that is supported by review and feedback post Simulation.

Used across differing industries, organizational sizes, roles, ability and ages, Business Simulations can be used effectively with any audience but tend to be designed with a target demographic in mind and should always challenge the participants.

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7 key Leadership Development Skills

Our Business Simulations cover the 7 key Leadership Development Skills
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Our Products

Change & Team Simulations

Effectively managing individuals and teams is a critical leadership skill. These Simulations allow you to practice these vital skills in realistic scenarios.

Business Acumen Simulations

Simulations which put you in the hotseat as a member of the top team of different types of business to improve your commercial acumen and senior team skills.

Project Management Simulations

No matter how good you are at strategy if you lack project execution, collaboration skills and crisis management skills you will not succeed as a leader.

Learning & Development Apps

These web-based apps can super-charge Business Simulations to make them even more engaging, sticky and transformative.


Free Risk Analysis Tool

Business Simulations for team-based experiential learning on Agile and Business Agility

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