A Systematic Guide to High Performing Teams (HPTs)

Includes Change Management Guide

This guide provides a pragmatic framework for the interventions needed to successfully create and sustain High Performing Teams (HPTs) in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

A unique aspect of this guide is that it covers and integrates both individual team member change management work and the whole team process development work.

The guide also provides comprehensive checklists for all aspects of team process development and team member change management interventions with clear guidance and tips on when and how best to employ them. 

Click to watch a 5-part mini video series on High Performing Teams based on the book.

For corporate users, there are also two comprehensive virtual business simulations, CHAPTER and CREW, which are based on the book and allow teams of current (and prospective) managers to face and reflect on the challenges of effective team formation and team leadership in a safe, engaging and effective learning environment. 

A Systematic Guide to High Performing Teams (HPTs) is available to purhase on Amazon (Buy now).


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'A Systematic Guide to High Performing Teams (HPTs)'


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