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One of the most important aspects of any group learning session is self-reflection. Most self-reflection exercises are undertaken at a few key stages in a session such as the end of a round or at the end of the session. iCards allows participants to go beyond this and increase their personal learning effectiveness by undertaking additional self-reflection throughout the entire learning session.

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Key Functionality
  • Select one 3 learning phases - 1)PRE, 2)DURING or 3)POST
  • Each learning phase has 8 digital flash cards
  • Each card suggests a short Leadership Self-Reflection Exercise
  • If you don't like a flash card just swipe the screen or shake your phone to automatically get a new card
  • Select as few or as many cards as you want during any learning phase
  • At the end of a learning phase simply move on to the cards for the next phase
  • The first card for each learning phase is always randomised
  • If you are using iCards as a team then each team member will start with a different flash card

Special Features

The iCards pack of Leadership Self-Reflection Cards is totally free

iCards is a mobile app which you access on your phone or tablet browser by simply clicking on a web link

Installation could not be simpler - you don’t need to register or sign-in and you don’t enter any data into the app

Users can install the app on their phone home screen for easy access

Just shake your phone to get a new card or a new phase!

Want to know more about iCards?

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