Dashboard runs live gaming session with 100 L&D professionals at LT17UK

Article by Ken Thompson, 06 Apr 2017

We were delighted to be invited to run a 70-minute session at this year’s Learning Technologies conference in February at the London Olympia venue under the able chairpersonship of Julie Wedgwood. 

The session was entitled “Using scenarios for high-impact learning that sticks long-term” and after sharing a little bit of the theory of scenario-based/game-based learning we split the whole room (of 100 L&D professionals) into 4 mega-teams each representing the management and players of famous football teams.

We then played a 4-round game where each team had to make decisions about how many goals to score against each of the other teams in a champions league style super league. Sounds simple? 

Not quite, as the Playoff game examines how Leadership, Teamwork, Game Theory, Negotiation Skills and Reputation Management are needed for success in “High-Stakes” situations.

Playoff is also one of our three “Interplay Games” which explores the grey areas between collaboration and competition which lead to so many problems in teams and organization ranging from turf wars to sub-optimization of overall organizational performance. 

For the record, Glasgow Rangers, came from behind to win in the very last round and each member received the recognition of their competitors plus a book from The Systematic Guides Series.


About the Playoff game:

A live video of the whole session:

My new book on Interplay Games (Vol 5 in The Systematic Guides Series)

The LT17 conference twitter channel (#LT17uk)

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