A Systematic Guide to Change Management in Organizational Teams

Best Practice in Leading Change and Influencing Stakeholders

This guide provides a pragmatic framework for the interventions needed to successfully identify and intervene with key stakeholders in a Change Management project with the objective of winning their support and commitment.

The guide starts by reviewing some of the latest thinking on change and, based on this, proposes a set of guiding principles for change management.

The guide offers concise guidance on change management interventions with individuals, teams and groups and offers clear instructions and tips on when and how best to employ. The guide also provides useful material on different Change ‘models’, how to create a compelling 'Change Narratives' and a set of of Change Management Case Studies.

There is also detailed chapter on Creating Change in Communities.

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A Systematic Guide to Change Management in Organizational Teams is available to purhase on Amazon (Buy now).

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'A Systematic Guide to Change Management in Organizational Teams'


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