Team Collaboration Simulation


A Resource Management Simulation Game which uses a 4-team shared resourcing pool scenario to explore negotiation skills and the tensions between Co-operation and Competition inside any organisation (silo-thinking). Develops Collaborative Working Skills.


Key Functionality
  • Satisfy your own teams resource needs
  • Help other teams meet their (conflicting) objectives
  • Collaborate with the competition if appropriate
  • Compete for 3 rounds
  • Track your results on KPI dashboard/charts
  • Review learning at end of each round
  • Use mobile phones to enter decisions

Special Features

Suitable for large group sessions with up to 60 delegates.

Part of the INTERPLAY COLLECTION of Collaboration & Competition Business Simulations.

Ideal for team building events!

Fusion can also be used as a Team Negotiating Simulation.

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The rule of systems is that you must sub-optimise the parts to optimise the whole. Unfortunately, in organizations, teams and departments it is often the other way around. The FUSION simulation creates a memorable positive collaborative experience between teams where both their local and global goals can be achieved.

Ken Thompson

Book Author and Simulation Designer

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Systematic Guide to Collaboration and Competition within in Organizations

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