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Play-IT is a Technology Industry Business Acumen Simulation which allows participants to be the leadership team of the internal IT function of a multi-national corporation.


Key Functionality
  • Decide between different major internal projects to be rolled out across the whole company by analysing costs, user benefits, strategic fit and risk of each investment
  • Manage the CAPEX and OPEX implications of any project decisions in terms of how costs are to be recovered.
  • Successfully devise the configuration for each of these projects in terms of technological options taking into account financials, supplier/technology assessment and company strategy
  • Manage each major project to successful implementation and provide on-going live support from a fixed resource pool.
  • Play-IT is a Business Simulation 'blueprint' which is customised and configured to suit the target organization.

"The simulation was really a great experience. Collaboration with the team was beneficial and resulted in the best outcome." 

Simulation Participant

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