3-2-1 Learning: A technique for focussing the power of Informal Learning

Article by Ken Thompson, 06 Apr 2017

3-2-1-LearningTemplateOne of the most valuable techniques I use with teams playing business simulation games is the 3-2-1 Learning Template which is shown above. Its a simple 3*3 grid which is introduced at the start of a session and constantly referred back to On one axis we have the 3 Types of Informal Learning Opportunity:

  1. Planned - what you want to learn yourself
  2. Shared - what somebody else shares with you than you also find valuable
  3. Serendipitous - valuable insights you were not looking for in the first place

On the other axis we have the 3 Domains of Team-based  Learning

  1. Topic
  2. Team Dynamics
  3. Individual Style

The trick is to start with the Planned learning and request each participant identify at least one thing they want to learn before they start! Then you keep bringing the participants back to the template during the day with the objective of ending with at least  a "3-2-1" ie 3 Planned Insights + 2 Shared Insights + 1 Serendipitous Insight

For more on the techniques of Informal Learning see also: How to exploit the 3 types of Informal Learning Opportunity TrainingZone Article: Can informal learning be formalised without destroying the magic?

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