HIGH IMPACT, HIGH ENGAGEMENT Experiential Learning for Management Teams

Article by Scott Thompson, 27 Jun 2017

Our Collection of Business Simulation Games are not only HIGHLY ENGAGING, but also come with a track record of transforming Managers and Leaders.

Our Simulations are designed by leading business practitioners and delivered via a structured learning process using best practices in experiential learning, social learning and Game Based Learning to ensure participants learn what they need to learn as well as being totally engaged!

Because the business simulations are played in teams, participants do not just learn about the simulation topic (e.g. Change Management or Business Acumen) but also about creating and being part of a high performing team plus valuable insights into the effectiveness of their own interpersonal styles.

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Collection of Business Simulation Games

This info-graphic outlines our most popular products, with links to more detail below.

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Proven Track Record

"The biggest compliment I can pay these simulations is that after half an hour the participants are no longer playing a game they are running a business! When we follow-up with participants 3 months after one of these simulation events we are always amazed to see how much their confidence has grown and the bigger impact they are having in their businesses."
Des Pullen, Group HR Director, Associated British Foods

"Realistic simulation is a powerful though often overlooked and underutilised approach to building capability. The business simulation we developed give people an experience that calls for them to develop and deploy competitive strategy. The learning people derive from the experience is very powerful and because it is theirs the transfer to the workplace is so much easier. We have been able to use the same business simulation over and over again with different groups within the company so the Return on Investment has been exceptionally good for us."
Simon Brocket, International HR Director – R Twining & Company Limited

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