New Infographic: The 24 Jobs of a Project Manager

Article by Ken Thompson, 16 Apr 2018

I am working on a new book with a new take on the age-old topic of Project Management with Paul Hookham, my old friend and expert practitioner. As part of our research we have been looking at all the different "Jobs" a Project Manager can be called upon to perform as part of their role. We reached 24 without even breaking sweat! I am sure there are more. Maybe that is why Project Management is such a challenging role. You might be able to use this infographic to help you recruit project managers or designing project management training or even assessing project managers' skill levels (or indeed your own!). Let me know if you find it useful or have thoughts for improving it.

Also If you are interested in reviewing the book (Working Title "A modern, multi-disciplinary,  community-centric perspective on Project Management "), which will also include examples of some of the latest Learning Simulations, before publication (due June) then please click the button below.

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Ken Thompson, BELFAST, April 2018

24 Jobs of a Project Manager

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