Mini Video Course on Game-Based Learning by Ken Thompson: INTRODUCTION

07 Jun 2017

Ken Thompson hosts an 8-module short video course: Using Business Simulation, Game-Based Learning and Team Dynamics to transform Leadership Development. Each video module lasts about 10 minutes and covers the following topics:

Introduction (Video 0)

We offer a quick overview of the course and introduce the DRIVER model of Business Learning Games which we use to highlight the breadth of complexity and technology of games using 6 real examples. We stress the focus of this course is not GBL “in general” but rather Team-based GBL for Leadership and Management Development.

The Justification for GBL (Video 1)

We explore the arguments for GBL for Leadership Development through a survey of the most relevant published benefits research plus observations from leading industry analysts. We also highlight where caution may be required.

Three Lenses for GBL (Video 2)

It is very easy to become dazzled by what a game can do in technological terms. To guard against this, we suggest 3 non-technological “lenses” you can use to think about business games for learning – game dimensions, learning modes and learning benefits.

The GBL Learning Process (Video 3)

Without a proper process, any learning gained within GBL will be chaotic and inconsistent. We suggest a practical and proven GBL learning process which we call the “I-We-I” sandwich.

Evaluating GBL Technologies  (Video 4)

We propose two 7-question checklists – one to first establish the learning needs and the other to evaluate what any GBL technology might offer.

The GBL Business Case (Video 5)

We describe a logical approach to producing a business case for GBL which can be explained and debated with senior colleagues along the way to producing a cost benefit analysis. We also offer a free benefits calculator tool to support this process.

Insights from GBL Participants (Video 6)

We summarise ten years feedback from participants in team GBL sessions on two critical topics – how teamwork evolves and the mistakes teams make under pressure.

Facilitating GBL effectively (video 7)

We close the course with a set of distinctions and practical tips for facilitators covering their roles before, during and after a team Game-Based Learning session.

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