Which Business Acumen Simulation is best for your Organisation?

Article by Scott Thompson, last updated July 2022

We have four Business Simulations that major on Business Acumen (XSIM, YSIM, COMPETE & DILEMMA)

In this article we are going to focus on our Flagship Leadership Development Simulations XSIM and YSIM. You can find out about more information on all our Business Acumen Simulations here.

XSIM versus YSIM

We often get asked what is the difference between XSIM and YSIM? Firstly, let’s look what XSIM and YSIM have in common - they both:

  • Focus on Business/Commercial Acumen 
  • Build understanding of a P&L and KPIs (both commercial and non-commercial) 
  • Develop strategic thinking skills
  • Require participants to form, organize and operate the Senior Team in an Enterprise
  • Address both short term operational and medium-term Organizational Health issues
  • Develop Decision-Making, Information Analysis and Filtering skills
  • Have a powerful optional role (CEO) to develop Stakeholder Management skills
  • Last around 6 hours (4-hour and 8-hour options also available)
  • Allow the participant difficulty level to be adjusted
  • Can be played virtually, on-site or hybrid

The unique aspects of XSIM are:

  • Focus on Business to Consumer (B2C) Enterprises
  • Challenges of operating in a highly competitive market
  • Managing Pricing versus the competition and consumer value perception
  • Managing Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
  • Responding to major incidents and strategic opportunities

The unique aspects of YSIM are:

  • Focus on Business to Business (B2B) Enterprises
  • Challenges of trading across multiple global regions in regulated markets
  • Managing a Product Portfolio, launching new products and enhancing mature products
  • Preparing Detailed Sales Forecasts by product by region
  • Production Planning, Stock Control and Procurement

In Summary

Both XSIM and YSIM are designed for engaging Senior Managers in teams around the business of running a major enterprise. They develop skills in Strategy, Commercial Acumen, High Performing Teams and Stakeholder Management. Some clients use both XSIM and YSIM in conjunction and others pick the one which most closely aligns with their business.

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