10 Best Business Simulation Games

Article by Tom Parsons, last updated April 2024

Our simulations operate on a state-of-the-art, multiplayer platform tailored for collaborative business scenarios.

Rooted in experiential learning, our approach prioritises both competition and collaboration, creating a safe and risk-free environment where learning is immersive and sticky. Now, let's explore the distinctive features that make our simulations stand out.

Key Features:

  • 100% Web-based: Accessible with any modern internet browser
  • Device Compatibility: Designed for seamless play across all smart devices, from mobile phones to laptops
  • Real-time Collaboration: Powered by cutting-edge web socket technology for an immersive experience
  • Comprehensive Training: Simulations cater to training needs from emerging talent to executive leadership levels

Now for our Most Popular…

Business Acumen and Business Strategy Simulations


A strategy execution simulation game designed to cultivate business acumen, teamwork, and negotiation skills. In this real-time competition, up to 6 teams engage in pricing, market development, business strategy, and strategy execution, where every decision influences the simulation's outcome for all participants.

Typical duration: 2 hours


An extension of Compete, incorporating product mix considerations and introducing 4 custom dilemma questions in each round. It is tailored for organisations seeking a competitive business strategy simulation that can be readily customised for their industry, and the leadership challenges they may face.

Typical duration: 4 hours


Our flagship business acumen simulation that hones business leadership skills, casting you in the role of a pivotal member of the executive leadership team within a thriving global real-time entertainment business. Acumen’s versatility extends to crisis management scenarios, offering a comprehensive training experience.

Typical duration: 6 hours


A dynamic B2B business acumen simulation within a Global Life Sciences company. Participants assume pivotal roles, managing an extensive product portfolio across five global regions in regulated markets. Through strategic decision-making, they enhance essential leadership skills, gaining invaluable insights into real-world business dynamics.

Typical duration: 8 hours

People & Teams Simulations


A change management simulation, meticulously crafted to sharpen your influencing skills and deepen your grasp of organisational and reputational power. Navigate the intricacies of securing support from key stakeholders pivotal to the success of your major change project.

Typical duration: 4 hours


A high-performing teams simulation, meticulously designed to cultivate change management and team process improvement skills. Navigate the challenge of garnering support from new team members and guiding them toward adopting the essential practices necessary for achieving high performance as a cohesive unit.

Typical duration: 4 hours


A team management simulation, tailored to develop team leadership and project scheduling skills. Participants must navigate the challenges of task delegation while addressing various personnel and team challenges, including staff capabilities, motivations, and other critical factors.

Typical duration: 4 hours

Speciality Simulations


An immersive simulation where participants step into the role of an incident response team member entrusted with managing a simulated cyber incident. Navigate a series of critical decisions with far-reaching implications for the business, spanning the present, medium, and long term.

Typical duration: 4 hours


A dynamic project management simulation that offers flexibility to simulate various project types, whether it’s construction, adoption, or a hybrid model. Explore the off-the-shelf example (APDL), an Agile Product Development and Launch simulation that immerses participants in the fast-paced world of consumer product development and adoption.

Typical duration: 4 hours


A collaborative simulation designed to develop teamwork skills. Dive into the world of manufacturing competitors, where coffee roasters must forge new alliances to deliver a groundbreaking pilot project for a significant opportunity.

Typical duration: 4 hours

The difficulty and duration of all of the simulations listed can be adjusted but the matrix below is a good starting point in terms of typical audience and delivery.

Simulation Matrix
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