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Article by Ken Thompson, 02 Aug 2017

We often get asked which are our most popular Business Simulations – so here are our "Top 10".

However before we reveal the list it is worth just noting a number of features which are common to all our Simulations – they are:

  • Usually aimed at emerging talent and first and second-line managers
  • Generally played in teams (typically 4-6 teams with 4-5 participants per team) although we also have a SOLO option for self-directed individual play
  • Facilitated by an expert facilitator who also will know the particular subject area inside out (and we can train your L&D staff to facilitate them sims also)
  • Web-based and only require a browser to play
  • Run totally virtually with participants working from home as well as on-site if required 
  • Run between 2 and 8 hours duration and are often split up over consecutive days or weeks
  • Supported by extensive participant briefing notes which are provided electronically in a simulation inbox – there is no hard copy!;
  • Able to run as center-pieces of leadership development programmes or in standalone leadership events and conferences

Simulations 1-4 are from our Business Acumen/Business Strategy portfolio of Simulations: 

1. COMPETE (2 hours)

A Strategy Execution Simulation Game to develop Business Acumen, Teamwork and Negotiation skills as up to 6 teams compete in real-time on pricing, market development, business strategy and strategy execution.

2. DILEMMA (4 hours)

Dilemma takes COMPETE a couple stages further by adding in product mix and 4 custom dilemma questions each round. It is designed for organizations who want a competitive business strategy simulation which can be easily and quickly configured for their industry, products, commercials, competition and leadership challenges. 

3. XSIM (6 hours)

A Business Acumen Simulation which develops business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global Real-Time Entertainment business. XSIM can also be used for Crisis Management.

4. YSIM (8 hours)

A  Business Acumen Simulation which develops business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the top team of a Global Life Sciences company with an extensive product portfolio and operating over 5 global regions in regulated markets.

Simulations 5-8 are from our People & Teams portfolio of simulations: 

5. COHORT (3-4 hours)

Change Management Simulation which develops influencing skills and understanding of organizational and reputational power as you try to win the support of key stakeholders essential to the success of your major change project.

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6. CHAPTER (3-4 hours)

A High Performing Teams Simulation which develops change management and team process improvement skills as you try to win the support of your new team members and help them adopt the key practices needed to operate as a high performing team.

7. CREW (3-4 hours)

A Team Management Simulation which develops team leadership and project scheduling skills as you allocate work to your team whilst you also manage constant people and team challenges including staff capabilities, motivations and other issues.

8. EDGE (3-4 hours)

A Sales and Business Development simulation where you try to influence a number of key decision makers to choose your product against the competition in the final stages of a procurement contest. You must also seek feedback and make improvements to your final proposal/pitch.

Simulations 9 and 10 are two uniquely customisable simulations, from our "simulation engine" portfolio:

9. SPREAD (3-4 hours)

A configuration Project Management simulation which allows you to simulate any kind of project (build, adoption or hybrid). The off-the-shelf example (APDL) is an Agile Product Development and Launch of a fast-moving consumer product which combines both product build and consumer adoption experience.

10. CONSORTIUM (3-4 hours)

A Simulation to develop Collaborative Skills as manufacturing competitors (coffee roasters) must work together in a totally new way to deliver a pilot project for a massive opportunity.

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