Dashboard Simulations: Ten most popular business simulation games

Article by Ken Thompson, 02 Aug 2017

Dashboard Simulations provides a unique portfolio of “off-the-shelf”, ready to run,  business simulation games which are used by organizational teams for highly engaging learning on key management and leadership topics.

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Topics include change management, business acumen, high performing teams, influencing skills, team management, business strategy, team collaboration and leadership development.

Underpinning each simulation is a structured learning process which is based on best practices in team dynamics, experiential learning, social learning and game based learning to guarantee that participants learn what they need to learn as well as having fun!

Each Simulation is based on rules and scenarios which were developed with, and tested by, Subject Matter Experts in that area and supported by a comprehensive book which also serves as a very high-quality delegate handout. 

Each of our simulations delivers highly engaging insights in 3 important domains of learning: 

  • The topic of the simulation such as change management
  • Team dynamics and collaboration as the simulations are played in teams
  • Valuable insight and feedback on simulation participants personal leadership styles

The first group of simulations are the Masterclass simulations which provide a deep-dive, total team immersion in a specific management topic and run for 4-8 hours. 

XSIM is a Business Acumen Simulation which develops business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global Real-Time Entertainment business. XSIM can also be used for Crisis Management.

COHORT is a Change Management Simulation which develops influencing skills and understanding of organizational and reputational power as you try to win the support of key stakeholders essential to the success of your major change project.

CHAPTER is a High Performing Teams Simulation which develops change management and team process improvement skills as you try to win the support of your new team members and help them adopt the key practices needed to operate as a high performing team.

CREW is a Team Management Simulation which develops team leadership and project scheduling skills as you allocate work to your team whilst you also manage constant people and team challenges including staff capabilities, motivations and other issues.

The second group of simulations are the Interplay simulations which explore a subject in a lighter way than the Masterclass simulations and highlight different interplays between collaborative and competitive behaviour in organizations:

PLAYOFF is a Team Strategy Business Game using a novel soccer champions league format, to enable teams to experience how Leadership, Teamwork, Game Theory, Negotiation Skills and Reputation Management can bring success in High-Stakes situations.

COMPETE is a Strategy Execution Simulation Game to develop Business Acumen, Teamwork and Negotiation skills as 4 teams compete in real-time on pricing, market development, business strategy and strategy execution.

FUSION is Resource Management Simulation Game which uses a 4-team shared resource pool scenario to explore negotiation skills and the tensions between Co-operation and Competition inside any organisation (silo-thinking).

Finally, there are the 2 powerful Learning Apps:

SENSEI is a powerful Skills Development App which enables learners to keep learning alive by recording, sharing and endorsing skill improvements with their learner community in a friendly, intuitive, visual and engaging way using their mobile phones.

SCENES is a Business Learning Game Authoring Tool for transforming any learning subject into a highly engaging conversational Business Simulation Game, also known as a chatbot, in just a few hours without any specialized technical skills!

All these simulations can also be customised cosmetically and structurally to meet specific client needs.

We also have a comprehensive library of simulation blueprints which are pre-built models developed for specific industries which can be easily customised for a specific need.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch and we will send you a free Executive Summary of Ken Thompson’s latest book on how to use business simulation games for Game Based Learning to enhance your leadership and management development programmes.

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