Cyber Security Simulation


In this Situational Judgement Simulation participants are put through their paces as they are tasked with handling a fictitious Cyber Incident. As a Member of the Incident Response Team (IRT) your job is to make a series of important decisions that could have a major impact on your business not only in the present but also in the medium to long term future.


Key Functionality

Every choice made will have an effect on a predefined set of Key Business Metrics such as Reputation, Resilience and Overall Business Impact, benchmarked and tracked throughout the Simulation.

Our ‘off the shelf’ scenario centres on Intellectual Property Theft, however the platform is designed to accommodate a variety of Cyber Threats such as Phishing, Malware Attacks, Data Breaches and many more.

Cyber Security awareness is no longer only the remit of the IT Department. BREACH has been designed by our Cyber Security Expert and tailored to a wide ranging audience from Executive level to ‘boots on the ground’ Technical Staff.

The overall impact of a Cyber Attack on a Business cannot be underestimated and requires buy-in at all levels - if the damage is to be limited. Cyber Security Experts will recommend a response that not only involves the Technical Departments but also involves Management, Public Relations and Human Resources all working together.

Special Features

Multiple Cyber Attack Scenarios

Suitable for both a Technical and Non-Technical Audience

Can last between 2-4 hours and can be supported by additional (more) detailed learning modules

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