Network Leadership Game


The Network Leadership Game (NLG) allows you to explore the challenges and dilemmas in trying to set up successful communities and networks (virtual, physical and hybrid) in organizations. Develops Collaborative Working Skills.

NLG is a short Simulation suitable for ice-breakers and 30-minute learning sessions and is freely available to customers of any of our other Business Simulations.


Key Functionality
  • Try different decisions and options for community building:
  • New member acquisition and Leadership Development
  • Technology support, Trust building and Alignment
  • Run your community for 6 rounds and 36 weeks
  • Track your results on a visual dashboard
  • Review learning at end of each round
  • Collaborate with your colleagues

Special Features

Can be briefed, played, discussed and debriefed in under an hour, if required.

Want to know more about NLG?

As well as a NLG information pack we will also send you a FREE copy of our White Paper:

7 Golden Rules for virtual and online community building

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