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Manage is a Unit Management Business Acumen Simulation which allows participants to be the management team of an autonomous business unit (e.g. a convenience store, department or service centre). Each round they have to decide how to allocate time and resources across the store departments and products.


Key Functionality

In the Manage Business Simulation for Retail, over a 4 month period, the participants must decide:

How best to assign their team resources and management priorities to the different areas, departments and products within the store.

Which products to promote based on product availability, time of year, weather, external events, media and competitor activity.

Manage is a Business Simulation 'blueprint' which is customised and configured to suit the target organization.

Manage won a CIPD NI Award for Best Learning Game in 2016 and was also a finalist and runner-up in the IGD John Sainsbury Award for Learning and Development 2016.

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