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Risk Maps are a very useful technique to use at the beginning of any major programme (or project) to help you identify the potential risks which could hit the programme. Once you have identified the potential risks you can then classify each risk in terms of its Impact on the programme (high, medium or low) and its Likelihood of happening (also high, medium or low). You are then very well placed to decide what mitigation (if any) you need for each risk, starting with the highest priority ones, to either reduce their impact or reduce their likelihood. This app supports the construction of Risk Maps and is also used with our Business Acumen Simulations.

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Key Functionality
  • Offers a blank Risk Map Canvas
  • Allows Placement of Risks on a 2-dimensional position representing their Impact and Likelihood
  • Allows your proposed Mitigation of each risk to be marked as a 3rd dimension
  • Allows you to save and edit canvasses

Special Features

Share your maps with others via social media

Integrates into SPREAD (Project Management) Simulation

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