Risk-Cost-Reward Map

Risk-Cost-Reward Map

A very useful technique to assess and evaluate different courses of action (options) is to perform a Risk-Cost-Reward Analysis. This can be achieved by constructing a simple 3x3 matrix of each possible option with the XY axes showing the Risks and Costs associated with an option. This app supports the construction of shareable Risk-Cost-Reward Maps and is also used with our Business Acumen Simulations.

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Key Functionality
  • Offers a blank Risk Reward Map Canvas
  • Allows placement of Options on a 2-dimensional position representing their Risk and Cost
  • Allows your proposed Reward of each Option to be marked as a 3rd dimension
  • Allows you to save and edit canvasses

Special Features

Share your maps with others via social media

Integrates into SPREAD (Project Management) Simulation

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