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Scenes is a Business Learning Game Authoring Tool for transforming any learning subject into a highly engaging conversational Business Simulation Game in just a few hours without coding!


Key Functionality
  • Design and test interactive learning games for your organization
  • Achieve higher user engagement with chatbot games than e-learning
  • Easy games distribution to target audiences with a single click
  • Use gamification (leaderboards and points) to maximise engagement
  • Track game usage and scores via consolidated reports and visual dashboards

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Special Features

Speech to Text and Text to Speech integration.

Supports XAPI (Tincan) Open LMS Interface.

Scenes does not give the learners any answers but instead highlights parts of the dialogue where scores are non optimal. It therefore supports a "learning by self-discovery model" which makes for stickier and deeper learning than "learning by explanation/quiz models" associated with  technologies such as e-learning.

Paul Comiskey, Director

Socrates Workforce Solutions

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Beyond eLearning: The huge potential of chatbot conversational learning games

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