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Sensei is a powerful Skills Development App which enables learners to record, share and endorse skill improvements with their learner community in a friendly, intuitive, visual and engaging way.


Key Functionality
  • Drive learning interventions from the most important skills needed by the target learner community
  • Individually baseline skills levels of all learners before making any learning interventions
  • Peer review in a modern way with gamified mobile app, visualisation of skill levels and social endorsement (likes)
  • Track skills development for the whole learner community via consolidated reports

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Special Features

Supports XAPI (Tincan) Open LMS Interface.

Gamification Leaderboards.


Mobile Web App.

Sensei also supports the creation of Active Learning Communities.

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As well as a Sensei information pack we will also send you a FREE copy of our White Paper:

The learning versus skills dilemma: Skills development tools for learner communities

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