Situational Judgment Simulations


DECIDE Business Simulation Engine allows designers to develop sophisticated situational judgment tests and Simulations for individuals and teams without the need for any coding or technical skills.

DECIDE is ideal for organisations who have existing content, such as multiple-choice questionnaires and/or detailed scenarios, which they want to make more engaging and challeging by converting into interactive web-based Business Simulations.

DECIDE can be used for quickly creating custom leadership Simulations to test different types of situational judgment scenarios including Executive Decision-making, Resource Trade-offs, Difficult Conversations, Values Conflicts, Major Projects or Crisis Management.  

See an example DECIDE Simulation on the topic of Innovation Management.


Core Simulation Skillsets

Situational Judgment

  • Interpreting changing and unfolding narratives
  • Operational Decision-Making
  • Managing Resource Trade-offs
  • Strategic or High-Stakes Decisions
  • Resolving Values Conflicts
  • Decision-making in a crisis or under pressure
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Demonstrating Subject Matter expertise

Team Operations

  • Operating an effective Team
  • Organising a Team for success
  • Resolve conflict
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Time management
  • Managing change with agility
  • Maximising contribution of the whole Team
  • Managing new information effectively
  • Continuous performance improvement

Key Functionality
  • Presents teams (or individuals) with briefings on situational judgment challenges plus any number of regular news updates.
  • All briefing papers distributed to teams via an online simulated email inbox
  • Each round teams must answer a set of multiple-choice questions
  • Each team’s results are shown instantly on their custom dashboard which also shows the full history and trends of results round by round

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Special Features

During a DECIDE Business Simulation:

The facilitator can display a leaderboard to the whole group summarising how each team is performing to create a healthy sense of competition between teams.

The facilitator can also share an analytics screen which charts graphically the choices selected for each question by each team to stimulate inter-team discussions and reflection.

Individual documents can be pin-protected. This allows teams to be rewarded with extra information based on off-sim exercises. It can also be used to restrict certain information to specific team roles. 

Team dashboards can be totally customised to track whatever information the designers think is the most important for the exercise.

Facilitators also have the ability to score teams using ad-hoc criteria, such as teamwork or off-sim exercise performance, with these scores automatically integrated into the overall leaderboard.

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