Innovation Rollout and Large-Scale Change Simulation


The Spread Simulation lets teams "what-if" the effect of different initiatives for spreading any kind of innovation or change management within a community. Typical Spread uses include New Product Launch within external customer communities or New Process/System Roll-out within internal organizational communities. After a group has played Spread to prepare for an upcoming major rollout they understand much more clearly what is really involved so they are better equipped to envisage it, plan it, identify the key risks and manage more effectively when the unexpected happens because they have already simulated it!


Core Simulation Skillsets

Community Adoption

  • Planning a major programme of user adoption
  • Identifying and managing programme risks
  • Identifying and establishing strong programme foundations
  • Identifying and partnering with thought leaders to help adoption
  • Monitoring progress and learning from experience
  • Making effective 1:1 adoption interventions
  • Making effective group adoption interventions
  • Making effective virtual adoption interventions

Team Operations

  • Operating an effective team
  • Organising a team for success
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • Time Management
  • Managing change with agility
  • Maximising contribution of the whole team
  • Managing new information effectively
  • Continuous performance improvement

Key Functionality
  • Initiatives can be Once-off Initiatives or Repeatable a maximum number of times
  • Initiatives can require single or multiple periods to complete (Milestones)
  • Initiatives can depend on other activities completing before they can commence
  • Initiatives can enhance the Readiness of the overall campaign and the effectiveness of all subsequent initiatives
  • Initiatives can be used to Engage with the Community Leaders to promote 'Word of Mouth' viral adoption spread
  • Initiatives can Mitigate against future risks to the rollout
  • Initiatives can enable users to move up the adoption ladder on a 5-point scale
  • Role plays can be incorporated and the outcomes included in the simulation

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Special Features

Spread can be quickly and easily configured with any set of tasks required for a rollout.

All team decisions are saved and can be action-replayed afterwards to deepen the learning.

Spread results are shown graphically using high impact charts showing user adoption, budget spend, user benefits and other key roll-out measures.

150-page supporting book on Change Management Best Practice

Change is Perturbation: You don’t really “manage” change. It’s a living thing. You perturb it. If the impact is positive you can do more of the same otherwise you must try something else.

Ken Thompson

Book Author and Simulation Designer

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